Narrow Gauge Railways and Tado Taisya (Taisha = a large shrine)

"A trip to Kita Ise!
Board a small train like a matchbox on narrow gauge for Tado Shrine.
You feel a link the past to the present there."

【Tour time】10:00~14:15 (4 hours 45 minutes)

◆Sangi Railway Hokusei-Line

Narrow gauge railroads were operated throughout the country, but most of them were abolished by the 1960s, while the remaining active lines are "Sangi Tatsudo Hokusei Line" (Yokkaichi), "Yokkaichi Asunarou Railroad" (Yokkaichi), and "Kurobe Valley Truck Train".

◆Tado Shirine Distinguished History

Famous for the Raised Horse Festival that has been designated intangible folk cultural property of Mie prefecture. It is said that "if you come to Ise Shrine, why don’t you stop over Tado Shrine". Tado Shrine has close ties to Ise Shrine.

◆Travel Course

Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station(10:00)- - -Nishikuwana Station(11:05)+++Hokusei-Line (Narrow Gauge)

Toin Station(11:35)---Tado Taisya(guide by priest ) (12:00-12:45)

Kuwanahigashi IC of Higashi-Meihan Expressway --- <Lunch at Higashi-Meihan Expressway SA> 13:15-14:00

Yokkaichi IC of Higashi-Meihan Expressway - - Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station(about 14:30-14:45)

◆The meeting place

 Near Mizuho Bank of Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station West-Entrance

◆Travel fee

JPY 4,000 per person

◆Planning company

Tado Travel Salon
Governor of Mie Prefecture 3-288
Travel management officer: Hidemi Tamano
 tel 0594-48-6123 fax 0594-48-6124
〒511-0105 2024 Koyama Tadocho Kuwana city , Mie


Please click this link to reach the application site, "Tado Travel Salon"


ようこそ!四日市へ。 当サイトは外国クルーズ船で四日市を訪れる皆様に向けて、当日地元発のショートツアーのご案内やタイムリーなイベント情報等を発信します。


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